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Neuro Hacking & Consciousness Hacking
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Neuro Hacking & Consciousness Hacking

Helping you get the most out of your brain

NeuroFux is a brain training facility that is dedicated to helping our clients attain a state of peak cognitive, mental, emotional, and spiritual performance. We accomplish this through a combination of neurofeedback therapy, hypnosis, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, audio/visual brain entrainment, and consciousness expansion techniques.

Adherents are expected to maintain a clean diet and a healthy lifestyle, and to pursue an ongoing process of physical and spiritual detoxification. Increased sensitivity and psychic efficacy are just some of the results of following the NeuroFux program.

The NeuroFux program of self improvement and peak performance is for psychologically healthy individuals who seek to achieve peak cognitive performance and attain higher states of consciousness. This program is not intended to cure any state of psychological, psychiatric, mental or emotional distress. People who are experiencing these distresses are requested to consult with a licensed mental health practitioner.

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